Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Dates for New York Comic Con

In case you didn't know the dates for NYCC are Oct 8-10 2010 and that saturday is my birthday. No better place than NYC to turn 40.

Jonah Hex

Here's a Jonah Hex cover I did to be kept on file. I guess they may use it in an emergency.

New York Comic Con

I will be attending the New York Comic Con. I'll be set up with the Essential Sequential group. At the show I will be doing inked sketches as well as watercolored pieces. I'll also have Androx 1 and 2, Dusty Star Sketchbook, Andrew Robinson goes to Zanyzonkerville (a comic/animation art book) and my fine art book called Ten Paintings. I'll also have a few T-shirts for guys and the gals.