Sunday, December 18, 2011

Theda Bara

My latest submission to the what not blog. The theme was silent movies.


Manoj a menon said...

Hi Andrew,

A huge fan of your work...especially the poses that you sketch down with apt expressions...looking forward to get a copy of disgusted.
I myself am from the field of animation ...2d ..and am doing a comic book of my own.
Can I get some tip on inking from you..?if you can shoot a little video while you are inking,it would be of great value add to me..
I would like to know,also, about the tools that you use for inking...brush/ crow quill / markers/pen.....I have kept your style as well as Ashley wood's inking style for reference..

My artworks are at
It would be nice if you can spare some time to check.

Many thanks to jolly Roger Tony Harris for mentioning your name at the sidebar nation interview...that was how I found out..
Pls do keep in touch.
Manoj a menon : Facebook

Manoj a menon said...

Sorry Andrew,
The book that I was mentioning was dusty star